Popular holiday and travel destinations guides


Popular Holiday and Travel Destinations

Your travel guides to exotic, famous and popular destinations

Planning to travel to one of distant, exotic, or popular holiday destinations? Are you interested in travelling to the Caribbean, Maldives or Dubai? Or maybe you'd like to visit some of Europe’s most popular travel destinations, like Greece, London or Amsterdam? Perhaps you prefer something different, like the winter idyll of popular North American ski resorts, or the busy streets of the city that never sleeps - New York!? Before you go, read our travel destinations reviews to get a quick overview and a guide to those popular destinations. Our Travelogues section gives you first-hand holiday and travel stories, from a personal perspective. Search international hotels and resort here, or go to the main sections of Amsterdam, Dubai, New York etc. for hotel searches in those cities.

                                          Favourite Destinations

Favourite destinations

  Choosing Destination - how to choose your best destination
Coastal Destinations - memorable summer holidays on coasts
Exotic Destinations - some of the unusual cruise destinations
Travel Destinations - vacations holiday wish list of a travel writer
  Adventure Places - top adventurous destinations in the world

Top 10 - top ten holiday destinations by the National Geographic
Top Travel Destinations - discover the top ten travel destinations

                                  Popular Travelogues

Popular travelogues from holiday destinations  • Explore Buenos Aires - the other side of Argentina's capital city
Egypt Pyramids - explore these ancient monuments with guides
Olinda - best preserved colonial city on Brazil's Northeast Coast
Fortaleza - home to some of the best Brazilian wide beaches
Costa Rica - attracting Americans and Europeans to its beaches
Costa Rica Best - best spots in undiscovered tropical paradise
Campeche Properties - Mexico's sleeping beauty awakes

                                          Amsterdam Travel Guide

Amsterdam city

  Amsterdam - one of largest historical cities in Europe on 2 rivers
Amsterdam Weather - list of sites that provide weather forecast
Amsterdam Apartments - list of good Amsterdam apartments
Amsterdam Red Light - a list of famous red light district spots
Amsterdam Coffee Shops - famous coffee shops with a difference
Amsterdam Hostels - a list of good online resources for hostels
Amsterdam Hotels - good accommodation, dining, entertainment

                                          Brazil Destinations

Brazil Destinations   Fortaleza Brazil - One of the greatest tourist centres has some of
   the best and most beautiful beaches in Brazil.

Olinda Brazil - This UNESCO protected colonial city has narrow
   cobblestone streets and colourful buildings.

Rio De Janeiro - Famous for its hot samba music and lively street
   carnivals, Rio is one of the most famous Brazil's destinations.

                                          The Caribbean Vacation Guide

The Caribbean

  Caribbean Vacation - how to organize your Caribbean vacation
Caribbean Islands - top picks for a memorable Caribbean holiday
Jamaica Travel - your mini travel guide to Jamaica Island travel
Costa Rica Travel - travel activities, flora and fauna in Costa Rica
Caribbean Travel & Life - great information about the Caribbean
Southern Caribbean - Latin America travel guide and information
Debbies Caribbean Travel - home to Debbies Caribbean reviews

                                          Dubai City Hotels

Dubai, one of the most famous destinations

  Dubai - the world's fastest growing city has become one of the
  most famous and popular destinations in the world
Dubai Hotels - a selection of four famous hotels in Dubai that offer
  a truly opulent holiday accommodation in Dubai City
Dubai Resorts - like most things in Dubai, different city resorts
  are the pinnacle of beauty and elegance
Hotels in Dubai - hotel accommodation to suit any travel budget

                                           European Travel Destinations

European travel and holidays  • Charter Holidays - a list of a few destinations to consider for your
  next charter holiday in Europe

Cheapest Cities in Europe - an excellent way to explore Europe
  on a budget, while having a great vacation
 • Top Sporting Events - there are numerous sporting events in
  Europe to enjoy on your next holiday here

                                          Greece Travel Reviews

Greece islands

 • Greece - regarded by many as the classic travel destination 
  Athens Greece - the capital offers many historical monuments
  Athens Hotels - review of hotels and sightseing in Athens city

  Greece Activities  - plenty on offer for an adventure holiday
  Greece Photos - illustrating Greece's tourist attractions
 • Greece Sites - there are many archaeological sites in Greece
  Mike Hotel Apartments - just outside of Chania, on Crete island

                                          Iceland Travel

Travel to Iceland   Akureyri Iceland - The second largest city in the northern part of
  Iceland is a tourist attraction in itself, with its numerous amazing
  sights and unique travel experiences

Iceland Sagas - Deeply related to the country's medieval past are
  Iceland's literary sagas. These stories deal with disputes between
  well known farming families and offer unique insights into country's
  social life of the 13th and 14th century.

                                  London Attractions

London holiday attractions   London Summer Activities - If you are an outdoor person you will
  find that this vribrant city offers lot of attractions and activities that
  will give you a great summer holiday in London.

London Holiday Places - The Spring is another great season to be
  in London, whether on your honeymoon or a family holiday. It's a
  great time to visit London museums and amusement parks.

                                          Maldives Hotels and Resorts

Maldives, an exotic travel destination

  Maldives Island Hopping - experience the splendor of the islands
The Maldives - Maldives Islands, set in the Indian ocean are one
  of the most exotic travel destinations that capture imagination
Maldives Resorts - provide splendid accommodation in this
  tropical paradise, home to most pristine places in the world
Maldives Hotels - a selection of several hotels offering splendor
  in the Indian ocean for an incredible getaway

                                          New York Visitors Guide

New York, another famous travel destination

  New York - travel tips for safe, cheap and memorable visit to NY
New York State - discover some interesting facts about NY State
New York Hotels - a few tips on how to find good hotels in NY
New York Restaurants - there is a rich variety of NY restaurants
New York Yankees - looking at the world famous baseball team
New York Times - a short history about this media company
New York Acting Schools - where to find acting schools in NY

                                          Winter Ski Vacations

Ski resorts

  Alaska - Alyeska resort offers some of the best skiing in the world
 Aspen - Colorado's famous ski vacation destination offers plenty
 Big Sky Ski Resort - Montana's leading ski vacation destination
 Holiday Mountain - New York's popular skiing area and resort
 Crystal Mountain - Washington's largest ski vacation destination
 Durango Mountain - Colorado's well known family ski destination
 Italy - Limone Village is one of Italy's oldest ski destinations

                                  South Africa Attractions

Cape Town in South Africa  • National Parks in South Africa - Top South Africa National Parks
Luxury Places in South Africa - South Africa offers unique holiday
  experiences, including safaris, luxury hotels and five-star couisines
  Restaurants in Cape Town - Discover best eateries in Cape Town
Shopping Centres in Cape Town - Cape Town's best shopping
Unforgettable South Africa - Countless lovely sites in South Africa
Unseen Parts of South Africa - Cultural diversity and traditions

                                          Spain Visitors Guide

Mountain village in Spain  • Gran Canaria Island - As part of the Canary Islands archipelago,
  this island offers great landscape and natural attractions.

Places in Menorca - Discover some of the best beach resorts and
  secret holiday hideaways that Spain offers to its visitors.

Spain Best Beaches - This popular travel destination is one of
  Europe's favourite holiday playgrounds with plenty of activities.
Top Holiday Destinations in Spain - Guide to Spain's best known
  and most popular travel destinations and attractions.

                                          Travel Tips

Travel tips  • Make Your Trip Memorable - Choosing the right destination is only
  a first step in your holiday and travel preparations. With the right,
  easy steps your holiday can be one to remember.

 • Tips for Frugal Travelers - With the help from travel apps, modern
  traveling has become easy. Finding best deals and organizing your
  trip can be done cheaply and efficiently.

Popular Destinations Guides

These useful guides to popular destinations also provide information on individual hostels, cheap hotels, and cheap flights for the budget minded visitors. In particular for the travellers visiting Amsterdam, Dubai and New York City. You will find in these travel reviews plenty of sightseeing tips and information on where to find great dining and entertainment spots in these popular holiday destinations.

Holidays in 2014

Our recommended holidays on this site range from stopovers in the city of Amsterdam, Dubai or New York, to beauty spots throughout Greece including three star up to world class luxury hotels. You can also explore the exotic surroundings of the Caribbean resorts and Maldives islands.

For something different in those winter days, you will find info on ski vacations in North American and Italian ski resorts. If you're making stopovers in different locations, find discount airfares to get you there. No matter which of these popular travel destinations you choose, you're bound to have a memorable holiday.

However, you cannot enjoy your trip to any of these popular destinations without the right holiday accommodation. Each holiday destination offers a good variety of accommodation places, including hotels and resorts. Hotels in particular offer different categories to suit your budget, from low priced cheap hotels to high priced luxury ones. You will find lots of cheap holidays available in many different destinations with the all inclusive cheap holidays 2014.

Whether your choose to travel to Asia, Europe, North America, South America, or the Caribbean, you will find here something to suit your taste for exotic and famous destinations. Each destination offers something unique and different to make your holiday a memorable one. One of interesting and exotic destinations is Turkey, where you can experience great holidays.

Southern Greece
Southern Greece is known for its wealth of flowers and plants, offering a great sightseeing experience

Visit us again as more travel destinations and resort reviews are added to this site. Select your favourite holiday destination and let the adventure begin!

Koh Samui Thailand

Koh Samui Attractions

Thailand is known as one of the most popular tropical holiday destinations. Koh Samui is a small island just off Thailand's coastline and a true tropical paradise holiday haven. You will find here a number of unique attractions, such as the famous Big Buddha Temple, the mummified body of a monk, beautiful waterfalls, and more.

Christmas in New York

Christmas in New York

New York city is one of the most enjoyable destinations for Christmas holidays. Unique tradition and culture comes alive in a city where different cultures meet during the festive season. People of all ages and interests join in to celebrate Christmas. The city adorns itself with garland of lights and colours.

Best Diving Destinations

Top 10 Diving Destinations

Great diving destinations are usually amongst the best holiday and travel destinations. They offer rich marine life, colourful underwater reefs, and excellent water and underwater activities. If you happen to be an underwater photographer, you'll find these holiday destinations even more desirable. See our list of the top ten diving destinations in the world.

Australia as Travel Destination

Unique Travel Destination Australia

In many ways Australia is one of the most unique holiday and travel destinations. This continent country provides beautiful beaches, great cities, unique nature, excellent water activities, and a whole range of other sightseeing spots and amazing natural wonders. You will find plenty to see and do in this year-round popular holiday destination.

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