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Feisty Capital of the North of Iceland
- Akureyri

Iceland's second largest town
offers natural splendor and many sights

Iceland has become pretty popular over the past few years, and tourists who have seen it before know that its volcanoes deserve to be known by the whole world. Even though their names are impossible to pronounce, their beauty is beyond compare. The country’s international exposure grew after a large number of Icelandic musicians managed to break the world’s most popular charts. Travelers are puzzled by Iceland because it seems inaccessible. And because we all want what we can’t have, Iceland has been on people’s travel itineraries for years now.

Introducing Akureyri

Iceland is a relatively small country, and most of its population lives in the capital, whose name is Reykjavik. However, the capital is not the only tourist attraction that made an impression, as Akureyri has additionally succeeded in alluring worldwide voyageurs with its all-natural splendor and exquisite sights.

Town of Akureyri, Iceland
Located in the northern part of Iceland,
Akureyri is an interesting travel destination of its own.

Located in the northeast, at a distance of almost 400 km from Reykjavik, Akureyri is Iceland’s second largest town, being inhabited by around 18,000 people. Tourists who plan to drive along the Ring Road will definitely come across Akureyri, so it would be a pity not to stop to have a closer look.

Explore Northern Iceland’s feisty capital

Akureyri is the perfect place to spend an unforgettable vacation, whether you’re an art lover who wants to enrich their general knowledge or a person who loves trying out all types of traditional dishes. The plethora of art galleries will leave you speechless, while the high-end restaurants will make move here and live happily ever after.

Akureyri is situated in the vicinity of Iceland’s longest fjord, whose length is around 60 km, and the distance between Akureyri and the Arctic Circle is almost 100 km. Surrounded by several well-tended trees and gardens, one of the main tourist attractions of the city is the Akureyri Church, which will surely manage to dazzle travelers with its genuine beauty.

Mountain peaks above Akureyri town
Iceland's second largest city,
Akureyri attracts international travelers with its natural splendor.

This outstanding minster is located on the top of a hill and it seems to be watching over the whole region. Also known as Akureyrarkirkja, the church was created by the same architect who designed the Hallgrimskirkja Church in Reykjavik.

The exterior is so opulent that it can be compared to an American skyscraper. However, this comparison fades away as soon you enter the building where you’ll find yourself admiring an outstanding series of reliefs that describe biblical events, as well as Jesus Christ’s life.

Attractions that shouldn’t be missed

Tourists who love nature can visit the famous Lystigarourinn Botanical Garden, which is famous for its location. This tourist attraction is known for its special latitude, which makes it the most northerly place in the world. As soon as you manage to leave this outstanding botanical garden, you can spend some relaxing moments in a very famous café, known as Café Bjork. Here, tourists are offered the chance to have a delicious launch buffet and taste some traditional soups and salads. Akureyri is known for its delicious ice cream, which is considered to be the best in the country. If you can handle the cold weather, you should definitely take advantage of this feature. Who knows, maybe ice cream will help you forget that you’re cold!

Akureyri town centre
Visitors to Akureyri can spend relaxing moments in town's cafés,
enjoying lunch buffet,
 tasting Iceland's traditional soups and salads,
or sampling its delicious ice cream.

Akureyri and its nightlife

Youngsters will definitely have fun in Akureyri, since most entertainment facilities are located very close to each other. Therefore, tourists can stop and experiment every club and restaurant, until they find something that suits their tastes.

Akureyri can make you fall in love with its attractions even if you’re not a fan of the cold weather. Thanks to its large number of high-end museums covering countless fields such as art, motorbikes, history, antique toys or aviation, Akureyri has all the ingredients to gain international recognition. If you’re a good swimmer, don’t miss out the chance to show your talent in Sundlaug Akureyrar, where you can choose among saunas, heated swimming pools, waterslides, and hot-pots.

Families with children will also adore Iceland’s major places of interest. Akureyri is famous for its wide range of farms, where children can ride and learn details about life in the countryside. If you’re willing to experience something new, Akureyri is an excellent travel destination that will exceed your expectations.

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