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Argentina: Cruises to Cape Horn

Cruising to the legendary land at the end of the world

Whether you are an adventurous or not, going on a cruise to Cape Horn it’s probably one of the best ideas you can ever have. Aboard a fabulous boat, you will discover the wonders of the mythical Tierra del Fuego.

Large cruise ship in a South American port
Board a fabulous cruise boat in Argentina, that will take you to Cape Horn,
to explore the southernmost headland of Tierra del Fuego.

Cape Horn: The legendary land at the end of the world

Cape Horn is one of the most demanded destinations for those looking for an exceptional cruise. Undoubtedly, by doing this fabulous trip you will learn more not only about one of the most beautiful countries around the world but also discover unique landscapes with lush forests and wildlife that unfortunately is endangered.

Located between South America and the Antarctic Ocean, at the southern tip of the mythical archipelago of Tierra del Fuego, it’s considered the southernmost point of South America. Located in the jurisdictional waters of Chile, Cape Horn is actually a cliff of 425 meters high on the island of Hershel.

Cape Horn
The legendary land at the end of the world, Cape Horn has been long regarded as a major
milestone for trading ships that carry their goods around the world.

Cape Horn occupies a strategic position as it marks the northern border of the passage of the Drake Sea and also represents the union point between the Atlantic Ocean, the Pacific Ocean and the Southern Ocean. Due to its difficult access, for years this area has been considered a marine cemetery. Nowadays, only a few ships are still trying to cross it. Most of them are competitors in races like the Vendée Globe, the Golden Globe Challenge, the Volvo Ocean Race, the 5 Oceans and the Jules Verne Trophy.

To honour the numerous sailors who died there, in 1989 the "Caphorniers" of Saint-Malo erected a commemorative monument facing the Atlantic. In addition to this majestic sculpture, on the Cape, there is a meteorological station and a lighthouse occupied by a guardian and his family, the only inhabitants of Cape Horn.

Discovering the mythical Tierra del Fuego

A cruise to Cape Horn is the ideal opportunity to discover the mythical Tierra del Fuego and its wonders, but also its mysteries: a land that caught the attention of very important people such as Magellan, Captain Fitz Roy and the eminent Darwin. This archipelago located in southern Patagonia owes its name to the bonfires lit by the ancient aborigines and which the explorers saw from far away.

Patagonia in Argentina
Patagonia region is located at the southern part of South America, shared by
Argentina and Chile.

Thanks to its unique natural wealth, Cape Horn is one of the most important Biosphere Reserve in the world. There you will find a multitude of parks, such as the Omora Ethnobotanical Park, the National Land and Sea National Park of Cape Horn and the Glacier National Park in El Calafate. This area protects a unique flora: the nire, the orchid of Magellan, the lomatia ferruginea and the white fuchsia. The fauna is also impressive: Fuegian steamer ducks, geese, royal cormorants, Gentoo penguin, black dolphins, Patagonian dragons and killer whales.

Certainly, enjoy a cruise through Cape Horn is perfect for those looking for discovering idyllic and unique areas of our world. The charm of a cruise through Cape Horn resides in the magnificent landscapes it offers. If you dare to venture into the wild, you can consider Argentina and its unique natural wonders for it. If you want to enjoy this cruise, your best bet is to book hotels in Ushuaia, an area where you can find a large array of accommodation and then raise your sails and discover the mysterious sea and Cape Horns.

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