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If you are travel writer or publisher looking to have your article or guest post published, we'd like to hear from you. We accept guest articles to be published on this site with travel related content. The article's theme or main keyword should be about holiday or travel destinations in general, or related to any of the main themes on this website.

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Your article or guest post should be 300-500 words in length, although good quality articles can be longer. It should be informative and feature a particular holiday or travel destination. You can include in the article link to your travel site, blog, or social profile. The link can be in the body of your article, or Resource or Bio box added to the article. Quality content articles or approved guest posts are published at no cost to you.

An example of a good content, travel related and informative content article is European Charter Holidays and Coastal Destinations recently published here.

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Preferences will be given to those guest posts and articles whose authors announce or bookmark the new post via their social channels. This increase the post's visibility and faster indexing by search engines, benefiting both of us.

To set-up an article, do a quick keyword research (based on actual phrases used in the article, not wishful thinking) and properly integrate it into site's content, usually takes an hour of time. Contributors that provide a set-up fee, will get priority publishing.

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