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Visit London On A Budget
With These Wallet Friendly Tips

How to save money on your trip to London

Contrary to popular belief, taking a trip to London doesn’t have to break the bank. Although a visit to the UK’s capital city can be expensive, with smart thinking and lots of planning, you can easily take a trip to London on a small budget.

With our fantastic money-saving ideas, you can get the most out of your trip to London without overspending.

London's Tower Bridge in twilight
London offers many landmarks, including world famous Tower Bridge on river Thames, just one of its many attractions. (Picture credit:

Here is our guide to all the best ideas for saving money on a trip to London:

Book in advance or last minute

There are two ways you can save money on a visit to London, one is booking accommodation in advance, the other is booking it last minute.

While both options should allow you to save a significant amount of money off of your trip, the downside to booking last minute is a lack of choice. Whereas, if you book your trip in advance, you will have more accommodation options to choose from.

The best way to find cheap London accommodation deals is by having a look online at sites like and These type of travel sites should have a range of suitable deals on offer.

Buy a visitor Oyster card

One of the best ways to save money when visiting London is by getting an Oyster card. An Oyster card will allow you to use London’s fantastic public transport system of tubes and buses, to get around.

Don’t fall into the trap of buying the one-day London travel cards, these work out more than 50% more expensive than an Oyster card does. Plus, by investing in an Oyster card, you also qualify for a range of deals and discounts on everything, from food and drink to theatre tickets.

Take advantage of free attractions

One of the best things about London is how many free sights and attractions it has on offer. With so many museums, galleries and other sights free to visit, you can fill your trip with fun and memorable activities, without spending a penny.

If you are wondering where the best places to visit are, the Tate Modern, Tate Britain, Hampstead Heath, the History Museum, and British Museum are all worth a visit.

The underground rail in London
London's Underground rail network will get you quickly from one part of London
to another, without any traffic hassle.
 (Picture credit:

Invest in a London Pass

If there are a few sights and attractions that aren’t free, but you really want to see, consider investing in a London Pass. A London Pass gives you free entry to many of London’s most popular attractions, including Thames River Cruise, London Zoo and Tower of London. Plus 50 other fantastic attractions.

The best thing about the London Pass is that you can choose how long you want it for; passes are available for one, two three, and six-day trips. Allowing you to choose the most suitable pass for your vacation.

Eat smart

One of the most wallet-draining factors for a visit to London is the cost of food and drink. For affordable food and drinks, eat in chain restaurants, buffet restaurants and cafes. If the weather is nice, you can make a picnic and dine alfresco in one of London’s many parks.

Top tip: always book restaurants in advance and ask what offers are available. Many restaurants have offers and discounts available, but won’t tell you unless you ask.

As long as you plan ahead and take advantage of deals and discounts, visiting London doesn’t have to be expensive.

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