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5 Reasons to Visit Sydney

Explore Sydney's best known landmarks and attractions

Although there are many marvels in this world that are worth seeing and visiting, there are some places which are a definite must. Sydney is one of such places. This city, the most famous one in the whole continent of Australia offers many unique sites to see and things to do. Although it is a fact that you can never achieve doing all there is to do in Sydney, you owe it to yourself to at least give it a try. Here are top 5 places to see and things to do in Sydney, based on our humble opinion.

Sydney Harbour
The Harbour Bridge dominates Sydney's harbour, as one of the city's most widely recognized landmarks (Image by Flickr.com)

Sydney Harbour

Sydney Harbour is one of the most astonishing sites there are in the world, something truly amazing, and an image you will certainly never forget. One of the Sydney’s greatest landmarks, the Sydney Opera House, is situated in a harbor so if you always wanted to visit a place from all the Sydney postcards and probably the most picturesque manmade structure in whole of Australia, do not miss an opportunity to see Sydney Harbour in person. Apart from being a beautiful for sightseeing, Sydney Harbour is also a place booming with life and various sorts of activities. Become a part of this constant stream of people!

Sandy beach in Sydney
Beaches in Sydney are plentiful and many are used for surfing, one of the most popular holiday activities in Australia. (Image by Freeimages.com)

Beautiful beaches

Many claim that the Sydney is the jewel of the pacific which judging by the competition is in no way an easy achievement to gain. Sydney has in its surrounding some of the largest most dazzlingly beautiful beaches in the whole world, ample with opportunities. These beaches are overcrowded during the day but as soon as the dusk starts to gather they become quite desolated and romantic. If you ever dreamt of getting married on a beach Sydney might be just the spot for you. Select the perfect beach, book the date at one of the beach wedding venues in Sydney and you are ready to go.

Sydney's skyline at night
Sydney Tower is clearly visible here as the tallest building in the city's Central Business District
(Image by Freeimages.com)

Feast in the Sydney Tower

One of the most common touristic attractions is the notion of food tourism. Still, with the more and more prominent globalization you are no longer that restricted to the tastes of the world even in your own hometown. However, there is more to a proper feast than what menu offers. The key lies in the three golden words of Real-estate location, location, location. Do not miss an opportunity to feast in the Sydney Tower, the tallest building in Sydney and the second tallest observation tower in the southern hemisphere, now serving as an elegant and classy French food restaurant.

Wine tasting
Australian wines are amongst the best known in the world, with the Hunter Valley near Sydney renowned for its quality wines. (Image by Flickr.com)

Go wine tasting

When people first mention wine and wine tasting, most people first think of France or northern Italy, still not many know that Australian wines are amongst the best in the world. In the vicinity of Sydney, there is a region called the Hunter Valley, renowned for its long tradition of quality winemaking and its incredible vineyards. Take a short trip from Sydney and taste some of its incredible wines amazing both in taste and in their variety since there are over 30 types. You can even buy some wine to take home, to treasure as a beautiful memory or to treat your visitors with; a win-win scenario either way.

Australian kangaroo
Australia has many indigenous life forms that are most unique in the world, including kangaroos
(Image by Flickr.com)

Visit a Featherdale Wildlife Park

Now for a visit to Australia think of something that is unique here and that you couldn’t do anywhere else. Because of the hundreds of thousands of years of isolation, Australia has developed some of the most indigenous life forms there are in the world. Use this knowledge to your benefit and do not miss an opportunity to feed a koala or see a kangaroo. However cute, some of these Australian species can be quite dangerous in the wilderness so it is best and by far safer to meet them in Featherdale Wildlife Park.

As you can already see, there are many things to see and even more things to do in Sydney so do not miss a chance to visit this magnificent city. Still, this list, any list, is unfortunately too short to capture everything that is interesting and fun in Sydney. The only way to truly get a grasp on this enormous amount of opportunities is to visit Sydney on your own.

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