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Top Holiday Destinations in Spain

Guide to Spain's top holiday destinations and attractions

When traveling, many look to Spain as a top tourist destination. Full of beaches, religious history, modern conveniences and nightlife, Spain has many destinations for every traveler. The country is full of wonderful opportunities for young, old and family travelers. Many delight in the relaxation possibilities and marvel at the historic learning opportunities. From Madrid to medieval towns rich in tradition, there are several top destinations in Spain to consider when planning your trip.


One of the first places people think of when traveling to Spain is Madrid. Rich in artist and cultural traditions, this city is also a bustling metropolis. Many early Renaissance paintings can be found in Madrid. Ruled by the Arabs for 200 years, religious history runs deep in this town. One can find ruminants of the Arab Wall and gothic churches. Located along the Manzanares River, Madrid is an excellent place to view architecture. From the Plaza Mayor square to the modern avant-garde facades of Paseo de la Castellana, the city boasts many architectural wonders.

A girl and a boy in Spanish folk attire
Colourful Spanish folk attire is easy to recognize and one of Spain's many tourist attractions

Madrid's nightlife

Madrid is also known for its nightlife and vibrant arts scene. Flamenco dancing, a staple in the country, can be viewed at live shows and dancing bars that offer food and drink service with their shows. The city`s night scene includes live theater, nightclubs, bars, dancing halls and jazz lounges.

Castles in Spain

Spain is home to many distinct castles. One of the more notable castles is Castillo de Almansa in Albacete. Built in the 14th century, this castle is surrounded by narrow streets and 17th century houses. Castles in Spain were built by the Arabs, so the structures don`t have the same appearance as those found in Europe. Albacete is home to the Albacete Fair, a popular festival sought out by travelers.

Catalonia region

For a sunny, beach filled adventure, many head to the Catalonia region. Nestled alongside the Pyreness Mountains and the Mediterranean Sea, this city offers many splendid views of nature. With scenery that inspired artists such as Picasso, there are many opportunities to view great art.


Home to warm weather year round, the Catalonia region offers plenty of delicious places to eat and even play golf. The region also boosts many great wineries. Barcelona is the capitol of this region and full of many exciting possibilities. With its Roman history, the city is also home to many great outdoor concerts, public art sculpture and more.

City of Barcelona, in Catalonia, Spain
The city of Barcelona, in the Catalonia region, is one of major holiday destinations in Spain

Costa de Sol

Costa de Sol is home to many cultural activities, restaurants and the Greater Church of La Encarnaciin. Costa de Sol is also home to the Spanish Contemporary Engraving Museum, which features many of the most important engravings from the 19th and 20th centuries. Golf is a popular sport in this region. The Holy Week Festival is a popular attraction for many religious travelers.


When searching for nightlife, head to Granada. There are many clubs and bars to keep you entertained. Al Alhambra is a great attraction in Granada. This medieval structure served as a fortress, citadel and palace for Arab rulers. The La Catedral de Granada was designed in the 16th century to be the greatest Renaissance Church in Spain. Those interested in skiing can find open resorts nearby at the right time of year.

Many find Spain the perfect place to travel to, whether with a family or even at an older age. There are ample opportunities to relax and have fun. Selling a timeshare can help pay for the costs of extended travel within this rich and diverse country. Other notable cities include Valencia, Leon and the famous Spanish Islands, including Balearic Isles and the Canary Isles.

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