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With over 400 pages of guest posts and articles, this site provides numerous tips, guides, advice and suggestions related to choosing your destination, going on trips and enjoying your holidays, be it in luxury or on a budget.

Additionally, we also list many different, valuable external travel resources, both linked to from different pages as well as added as an extra on some of the pages. You will find here list of valuable resources, as a shortcut to quickly find them on this site.

Useful travel resources

Practicing Responsible Travel - The current COVID-19 crisis has made us all more aware of the importance of responsible tourism. This in-depth guide for practicing responsible tourism will prepare you now for the post-COVID responsible travel. Get it on the Destinations page.

Teen Drunk Driving and DUI Prevention - Guide for parents with various drunk driving prevention resources. Listed on our Teen Drunk Driving Prevention page.

Teen Prescription Misuse Prevention - This guide educated parents and others on ways to identify and prevent medications misuse by the teens. You will also find it on the Teen Drunk Driving Prevention page.

Travel Guide to Mexico for Kids - There are many reasons for going to visit Mexico, both for kids and adults. This guide specifically lists numerous resources that can be helpful to kids going to Mexico with parents. Find it on Mexico for Kids page.

The 10 New Bali Initiative - Bali is one of the top destinations in Indonesia. As such it's been recognized by the Indonesian government, who want to create another 10 Bali-like destinations in the country. See the infographic and PDF on the namesake page.

Guide to Flying with Disability - Disabled people often experience difficulties when traveling and flying. This guide provides helps tips and resources for disabled people when planning and traveling abroad. Get the guide on our Family Holiday page.

Car Seat Safety Guide - Car crashes are the leading cause of death for children. These can be easily avoided with simple adjustments in car seat. Find the link to the guide on our Family Holiday page.

Best Travel Insurance Guide - A lot of things can happen to spoil your well prepared travel plans. From natural disasters to annoying things like a lost luggage. The solution is to have travel insurance in place. Get the travel insurance guide on USA Travel page.