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Page: Travel Skin Care Tips - Keep Your Face Looking Fresh

Tips and tricks to keep your face looking fresh
when traveling

Get inspired with travel skin care tips for air travel

Traveling the world and exploring places you’ve never seen before, is a dream we all have. What’s your favorite destination? Places like South Africa, The Dominican Republic, Belize and Bora Bora, are incredible locations that don’t rejuvenate both the body and mind.

However, getting there is challenging. Being on a plane for 8 whole hours makes the body feel and look tired. And yet see women looking fantastic after such an experience. How do you present yourself to the world? Use simple tips and tricks to keep your face looking fresh when traveling. Here are some suggestions you might want to get inspired from.

It can be a challenging taks, but with some handy tips and tricks you can keep your face
looking fresh when you arrive at your destination.

Why travel by plane harms the skin

Traveling by plane can have severe side-effects for your entire body; not just the face. Due to high altitude, your skin begins to dry. Recycled, pressurized air sucks the moisture out of the skin. Even if the body doesn’t get in contact with the dry air, the effects can still be felt; and when the skin is dry, it begins revealing wrinkles and fine lines. To avoid that from happening, you have to moisturize and hydrate.

Another side effect of traveling by plane is puffy eyes. The body retains fluids when you’re at high altitude, triggering sore feet and ankles, dry skin, and puffy eyes. To combat these issues and get off the plane looking all fresh, travel with style by taking good care of your skin and body.

Air travel is effective in getting you there as qucik as possible, but traveling by plane
can have some negative effects on your skin and face.

Perfect skin upon arriving to your destination

How do you keep your skin looking amazing after an 8-hour flight, or 24-hour drive? There are lots of tricks you can use, and some of them are pretty surprising.

images/gold1-triangle-1s.pngSkincare with 24h before departure:

Apply moisturizer and toner the night before leaving. A good idea is to make a mask with coconut oil, aloe, honey, and jojoba oil. These have nourishing ingredients that hydrate and keep the skin looking perfect.

images/gold1-triangle-1s.pngGently cleansing:

Most face cleaners have harsh ingredients in their composition. These dry out the complexion, trigger cracks and blemishes. You should choose a face cleanser with a neutral pH.

images/gold1-triangle-1s.pngProtective moisturizer:

After thoroughly cleansing the skin, the next step is to use a protective moisturizer that contains powerful all-natural antioxidants. It will protect the skin from damaging environmental stressors. To get the desired effect, blend natural oils too. Cranberry seed and vanilla oils, for example, are excellent at pumping your complexion with healthy antioxidants.

images/gold1-triangle-1s.pngLight or no foundation:

If it’s possible, you should travel without any foundation on the face. If you can’t, choose a lighter tone or a BB cream that doesn’t charge the face.

Prevent potential travel effects on your skin by preparing it 24 hours before you leave

Wearing makeup in air may trigger skin issues. The dry air consumes energy, and this leaves the skin looking flaky and cakey; what’s worse is that wrinkles and fine lines may appear sooner than expected.

Proper nutrition

Proper nutrition is fundamental, even when you’re traveling. In fact, you should steer clear of greasy, fatty airline food; avoid caffeine and alcohol too. The skin reacts when it doesn’t get enough water. Rather than have full and dry skin upon arrival in Bora Bora or Belize, present yourself as someone confident with a beautifully looking complexion.

Include fruits and veggies, lean meats, and healthy fats into your daily diet. Your skin depends on what foods you put inside your body. Drink plenty of water, and cleanse every evening and morning to prepare the skin to avoid blemishes. Traveling in style is easier said than done; especially when you want to make the most of your journey and still look great.

Once you follow some basic travel skin care tips, you will end up looking good and fresh
when you arrive to your destination.

The way you present yourself to the world matters a lot. It’s just as important to feel good on the inside, not just on the outside. If your skin reacts poorly to environmental changes, you could pack a serum for oily skin; this way you won’t have to worry that your face feels tired when you get off the plane. Consult with a dermatologist before your trip; highlight some common challenges your complexion faces on a daily basis, and welcome their recommendations. Implement the advice with at least a week before departure, and you shouldn’t have any issues.

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