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10 Travel Destinations
That Haven’t Been Explored Enough

Discover unexplored USA travel destinations

Living in England, we are blessed with many opportunities when it comes to travelling and sightseeing. Our idea of going on a vacation is a bit skewed. We viewed luxury resorts in Cancun and Cuba as a vacation, because we are home to some of the greatest tourist spots in our very own backyard.

It just doesn’t seem like a vacation when they’re so close to home. But we definitely take advantage of all that our homeland has to offer. In fact, we’ve put on well over 30,000 miles according to our vacation car rental receipts.

With that being said, we have grown tired of many of the opportunities that are available here. They are nothing more than mere weekend getaways. We are also becoming uninterested in the luxury resort vacations as they were always our go-to choice in the past.

A beach in Hawaii, United States
Hawaii offer great beach vacation choices for those looking
for a Pacific holiday adventure.

So we have opened the doors to other possibilities. We’ve covered Australia already, so that’s not one. We aren’t particularly interested in Asia. So what about something in North America? We hit Niagara Falls last year, which was a breath-taking experience as we slept in a Falls-view room on the 41st floor of the Embassy Suites hotel.

What About Travelling to the United States?

That’s when we posed ourselves a question – what if we took a vacation to the United States?

Our kids have pleaded to go to Disneyland, but they’ve grown up since. We used to want to go to Florida, but the humidity is too much to handle. We scanned through the different options and it was hard to find many interesting options.

Then we hit a few good websites on the Internet that lead us to some of the lesser discussed tourist spots in the US. This is when we ended up making a travel list for our upcoming month long vacation.

New York's Times Square
One of major New York landmarks is famous Times Square,
a major intersection in Midtown Manhattan.

Travel destinations in the US

This list contains 10 different travel destinations within the United States. We may not hit them all at once, but they’re still on our intended travel list.

They are as follows:

1. Ground Zero in New York City, New York

This seemed like an absolute must. New York has a reputation that speaks for itself. We wanted to go to the “Big Apple” and see it all. While it would have been even more incredible before 9/11, it will also be interesting to see what’s at Ground Zero now. We actually read a few years ago that a very old boat was found on the site, which would be very interesting to see if it’s still there.

Sure, New York itself is highly travelled, but the Ground Zero site has started to get neglected. From a worldwide perspective, many don’t think of it as a tourist location. However, we have a good feeling that the symbolism and pure emotion behind 9/11 will make it an experience that we will never forget.

2. Niagara Falls in Niagara Falls, NY

Niagara Falls is probably the biggest tourist site in North America. It sees way too many tourists go in and out of it in the course of a year. We have been to the one in Ontario, Canada and we can say that it is definitely unreal. However, the one in New York, as populated as it still is, seems to get ignored quite a bit. With the attractions being much more affordable, and an even better casino, we are excited to see how different the tourist experience is on the American side.

Niagara Falls rainbow
"Maid of the Mist" boat ride at Niagara Falls,
offering both the US and Canadian view of the falls.

3. Detroit

Call us sadistic, but with all the hype behind Detroit being the “most ghetto place in America” we have been inclined to see it for ourselves. We don’t plan on trying to find the most dangerous city, though we do intend on “taking a walk down 8 mile” for picture purposes. This is a big city, but not a tourist location at all after how much it has went downhill. Still, an interesting place to visit, even if most buildings are abandoned.

4. Denali National Park in Alaska

This is probably one of the ones we won’t get to go to on our first trip to the United States. It’s also weird, considering it shows on a map as if it would be a part of Canada. However, their National Park is a must see. The surrounding activities and sceneries in Denali National Park, considering the nature of Alaska, will also make for an interesting experience.

5. Kilauea in Hawaii

Kilauea is the most active volcano in Hawaii. It is a type of “shield volcano”, meaning that it is very low and almost flat to the ground. It is the most active of the five volcanoes, which combined are responsible for the formation of Hawaii.

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco
The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco Bay area is one of the major
and best known US tourist attractions.

6. Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, California

The Golden Gate Bridge is just one of the many places we plan to visit in San Francisco. It does get a bit of attention as a tourist spot, but mostly amongst people that also live in the United States. It is often tooted for being the lengthiest suspension bridge in existence. Hotels in San Francisco are also much more affordable than in most other major US cities. We found many affordable places to stay in San Francisco.

7. Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming

This is another tourist attraction that we feel is an absolute must. It’s just as highly viewed as the Denali National Park. Of course, with much nicer weather – although that’s subject to opinion considering it is above a hotspot. Its geothermal features are what sets it apart, but it has no lack of black bears, grizzly bears, bison, wolves, and many other animals.

Old Faithful in Yellowstone National Park
The Old Faithful area in Yellowstone National Park has many geothermal features
and wild animals.

8. Leavenworth in Washington

This is a Bavarian-styled village that is really an experience of its own. Not exactly what you would expect to find in Washington, Leawenworth is truly one of those hidden gems. It has a great European feel and is surrounded by Alpine Lakes, which offer hiking and cycling opportunities for tourists.

9. Nevada’s Extra-terrestrial Highway

Who wouldn’t want to visit the home of Area 51? This place has a very creepy look to it. The entire time you’ll just envision the craziest of scenes in your head. UFOs landing, the army driving around, possibly with aliens in their tanks…and who knows what’s going on at the Area 51 base. The mystery alone makes it a great spot to witness first-hand.

Red Rock Canyon in Nevada
The Red Rock Canyon is a National Conservation Area,
located some 15 miles west of Las Vegas.

10. Alabama Gulf Coast

For those looking for a more affordable Gulf Coast beach experience, the Alabama Gulf Coast is definitely a great option. Not only is it more affordable, but you also don’t have to deal with the crowdedness that the Florida Gulf Coast is known for. Plus, the humidity’s not as bad either.

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