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Tourism Hotspots
of the ’10 New Bali’ Initiative

Indonesia's strategic tourism plan
to increase the number of tourists coming to the country

If you are a regular visitor to the South East Asia destinations, you will know that Bali has been an attractive tourist destination in Indonesia for many years. The government of Indonesia has decided to build on the success of Bali and created an ambitious goal of reaching 20 million visitors to the territory by the year 2020. This is going to be accomplished by injecting investment across ten designated undeveloped natural hotspots, putting the infrastructure needed in place to support the next phase of tourism development.

An infographic has been created online, outlining this ambitious plan, which you can view here as .jpg, or download as PDF here (1.8MB).

The 10 new Indonesia's tourism hubs
The map of the 10 new Indonesia's tourism hubs,
as planned by the government's 10 New Balis initiative.

The 10 New Bali Tourism Hotspots

The hotspots listed below are the first three destinations to be tackled designated as the ”10 New Bali’s” for their potential and scope to become outstanding tourism attractions. They have the potential to be the next “places to be” in Indonesia.

1. Mandalika Resort (Lombok, Nusa Tenggara Barat)

An international airport, 5-star resorts under development, International Circuit Track (Moto GP), Solar Power Plant, Atlantis Tidal Energy Solution, Invest Islands Luxury Residence in Awang, Torok Bay with Singapore and Hong Kong Investors Developments.

2. Borobudur Temple (Central Java)

A new international airport in Yogyakarta and development of cultural heritage sites. Borobudur is the largest Buddhist temple complex in South East Asia, located about 40 km northwest from Yogyakarta.

3. Lake Toba (North Sumatra)

An awesome natural wonder, this ocean-blue lake occupies a supervolcano. It’s the world’s largest volcanic lake, set in the Barisan Mountains, in the North Sumatra province of Indonesia.

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